Stable High Quality Production with Inhouse Manufacture Line.

Paper Carrier Tape &
Embossed Carrier Tape

Receiving high evaluation from the electronic components field.

Carrier Tape

SANTEC Paper Carrier Tape and Embossed Carrier Tape are also recognized as very reliable and high quality products in the market. Various die sets manufactured know-how and the internal technology that can manufacture the original design production equipment, those can meet tight delivery requests and the specification requirements. Those die set will be manufactured and maintenanced internally, fast delivery and stable quality will be promised and try to improve them.

Samples of Embossed Carrier Tape

Paper Carrier Tape for Electrical and Electron devices loading

Line-up of Carrier Tape Machines in production dept whose Atmospheric Conditions are thoroughly controlled

Shipment of only products that passed inspection for all holes

Injection Molding Part

Product division

Injection Molding Part

The various manufacturing method, which has been established in mastering precise tools, also flexibly responds to the production of plastic injection parts, matal stamping items. Any kinds of businesses which uses precise tooling die, SANTEC can help OEM production for various material. A group of first class technicians who master at one digit micron-accuracy makes the tooling die sets. The technical capability for manufacturing automation machines builds up a line of integrated system for production. And the product control has a system that always delivers the best product to customers.

Insulation Pads for Electronics Parts to be mounted on Printed Circuit Boards.